Pingdom Website Speed Test DOM based XSS

Hello all, this is my first blog post in English and my first blog post in the last 3 years, so be nice :)

Recently I found a very interesting DOM based XSS in one of the Pingdom’s services.

pingdom dom xss

The service is Pingdom Website Speed Test .

I’m certain that all of you use/used it sometimes. What makes it interesting you may aks? Well the the input that was later executed in DOM was a site’s response header.

The following header was used for testing purposes:

X-XSS-Test: <script>alert(document.domain);</script>

Frankly I was really surprised when the payload executed on mouse over.

Here is a video:

This issue was reported and Pingdom did deploy a fix, the fix included creating data in text nodes from site’s response headers.

So remember you can find a XSS by testing the strange and unexpected user inputs. Stay safe!

Note: I use a FF black theme because the white color hurts my eyes, not because I’m some u83r l33t h4xor :P


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